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Pavee Keawmafai

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Art Work by Jama Jurabaev

The energy in these is sublime

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After not winning anything at the cosplay pagent at GaymerX2 (bullshit) I undertook the task of putting my Garrett cosplay on my mannequin.

So HERE have some epic detail shots!

My mouth dropped.

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prettttty leather strappy things

oh god yes

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I had to scrub the smell of the saltwater from my skin tonight. It was much stronger then it ever was before. When I looked at the ocean for the first time in months, I saw past the tides and the rhythm, and I looked into our future. I envisioned the way you would wake me up with your lips, and how the only way I could ever be able to sleep soundly was to fall into the imagination of the life we could have had if you would have just stayed true to what you said would always be unbreakable.

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A multitude of butterflies and their beautiful wings under the microscope. 


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I really wanted to try painting fur BUT I CANNOT…i do not understand you, Sai. This is a wild african dog bat thing yeh..

Hhhhh last one sorry guys !!

Tomb Kings by Ted Beargeon, via Behance | Illustration | Pinterest